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Online professional development for teachers.

One Subscription = Unlimited Access to World-Class Online Courses for K-12 Educators

With a school or organisation subscription to EC Premium, your staff can access high-quality professional learning content and courses from the best K-12 providers and thought leaders.

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Get the best online professional development for teachers in Australia with one convenient subscription.

With a school subscription to EC Premium, your team will benefit from:

  • Unlimited access to our extensive K-12 professional learning library.
  • The option to integrate with an existing LMS or SMS.
  • A customised school portal with your content preferences, playlists, and branding.
  • Personalised, single sign-on access for every staff member.
  • A dedicated Education Success Manager to help you onboard and make the best use of the platform.
  • The ability to upload and deploy your school’s own PD resources.
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How it works.

Access thousands of K-12 teacher professional development resources.

Our K-12 specific content library is made up of:


K-12 Relevant Content Providers


K-12 Relevant Courses and Content Blocks


Hours a Day Access

Some of our 100+ professional development providers:

Our K-12 specific content partners:

Kath Murdoch

Inquiry Learning

Michael Fullan

Deep Learning

Dylan Wiliam

Formative Assessment

Maggie Dent

Play-based Learning

Yong Zhao

Innovative Teaching and Learning

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Need help with in-person professional learning? 

Beyond our EC Premium platform, we provide in-person, online and hybrid professional learning programs for educators across Australia, the United States and Europe (something we’ve done since 2012). We can design and deliver strategically aligned, engaging, high-impact, tailor-made programs for your educators.  

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Some of the schools using EC Premium:


Schools with subscriptions to EC Premium by Go1


Million subscribers learn on Go1



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Frequently asked questions

What is meant by online professional development for teachers?

As you know, professional development in K-12 education helps teachers to improve their skills, knowledge, and expertise to be more effective in the classroom. This is often done in person but can also be delivered conveniently through online learning (as we do with EC Premium). We offer various learning formats, including videos, complete courses with completion certificates, podcast episodes, and short and long-form readings. Your staff can also upload their own internal professional development resources created by your team. By staying updated with the latest, best-practice teaching methods, educators can ensure they provide a genuinely engaging, impactful, and effective student learning experience.

Why is it important for teachers to have access to online professional development?

While teachers spend years studying at university and preparing to begin their education careers, it is widely known that a great deal of professional learning happens in the classroom and on the job. In addition, teachers pick up new approaches from their peers in the staff room, at school development days, and at conferences, workshops, or post-graduate study. When teachers have any time, anywhere access to online professional development, rather than waiting months or years to experience in-person workshops, they can apply adult learning principles to learn what they need when they need it. This learning can then be applied immediately in the classroom to improve student learning outcomes.

For school leaders, online teacher professional development is also a helpful way to keep education professionals motivated and engaged with their work. Learning new skills and how to navigate current and future challenges in education helps your team feel more fulfilled in their jobs, leading to better performance and retention.

How do I choose a professional development course?

Whether you’re an administrator, school leader, or teacher, EC Premium makes finding and assigning content to meet your team’s professional learning needs easy. From leadership to literacy and everything in between, you can find a course in your school’s customised learning hub. Just use keywords to search for the topic you want to cover and browse the available courses. It’s that easy!

Our team of former teachers and school leaders carefully curate all content on EC Premium, bring together up-to-date playlists, and support our network of content partners to fresh launch new content every week.

In addition, our Education Success Managers and AI-supported search features can help you find the best match for your professional learning needs.