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What are the most popular professional development courses for teachers?

A common concern arises when we speak with school leaders and heads of professional learning at schools about our ‘unlimited PL platform’. They are nervous about whether their staff, when given access to unlimited professional development, will focus on the important stuff!

When we’ve lived in an online world where some claim that 15% of the internet is cat videos, it’s a fair concern that with too many PD choices, school stuff may get lost in rabbit holes or focus more on ‘edutainment’ than true learning.

The data is in, however, and it is encouraging.

Overwhelmingly the most viewed content partners on EC Premium are those with professional development courses related to effective teacher practice.

In fact, one of the most popular courses is called, quite fittingly, ‘The Effective Teacher’. It is based on Harry Wong’s book that has sold more than 3 million copies over the last few decades, a popularity that has clearly continued in the 2020’s in an online format.

Dylan Wiliam is another popular content partner with his professional development courses on formative assessment. As is Adam Voigt’s work on restorative practice with Real Schools, Tracy Ezard’s Ferocious Warmth content, and the many great courses from ACEL by Yong Zhao and Michael Fullan.

If you’d like your staff to be accessing professional development courses to become more effective teachers from the comfort of their own devices, send us an email at, and we’d be happy to chat.

Aaron Tait

Aaron is a co-founder of EC by Go1 and Vice President of Marketing. Since 2012 Aaron has developed and delivered professional learning programs K-12 education staff across the world. He is the co-author of the books Edupreneur (Wiley) and Dream Team (ASCD).

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